A field guide to growing up without growing apart

Twenty Something Condition

Four friends, three continents, two decades, one condition.


Before we were known as Peony, Daisy, Bluebell and Marigold we were princesses.

We became close in college, the four of us at the center of a constantly revolving group of friends. For 18 year olds living on campus friendship comes easily, but as we became twenty somethings who graduated and started to move forward, we had to make difficult choices about which friends to keep and how to maintain others. The four of us chose to start a blog and from 2012 to mid 2017 we wrote our way through our though tumultuous years at TwentySomethingCondition.com. From marriages to grad schools, and trips abroad to career changes, we shared what we would have if we’d still been in person, preserving our twenties as online letters to a friend.

Now, five years later, we’re at another impasse. We’re no longer in our early twenties, we don’t especially relate to our naughty princess pseudonyms anymore, and the demands on our time have become even more hectic. We only have so much time to devote to career, family, health, friendship. Is keeping in touch with old friends who may always live across the world a priority?

Our answer for now is yes. We’re saving our old posts (See Below) but creating a new start as Friends Afield. With a renewed sense of dedication, we have new names, new challenges, and a new angle. We’re no longer just friends living through our twenties, we’re four women who are navigating what it means to grow up without growing apart.

Follow us at friendsafield.com for recent updates or read on to learn where we’ve been.


What is the TSC?

What, may you ask, is the Twenty-Something Condition?  Well, if you’re in your twenties and feeling pressure to figure out your life, or settle down with a significant other, or eat your weight in funfetti, or anything else that makes you feel loony, then you’ve got the TSC: the Twenty-Something Condition. It’s a real thing, Urban Dictionary says so.

This blog is run by four friends who’ve caught this twenty-something syndrome, and got it bad.  We’ve all graduated from college and are now on a wild ride through our twenties–the craziest decade of our lives.  Off to four different corners of the world, we’ll talk about love, life, and every day lunacy, while always aspiring to total honesty and candor.  We  share under our Naughty Princess pseudonyms so our nosy great aunts wont stumble upon our most intimate musings–a fear we are sure all of you can relate to! So grab a spoon and some raspberry jam and settle in, this Twenty-Something Condition doesn’t have a cure.

Yours Affectionately,

Cinderslut (Cindy): a dazzling twenty-something woman living and working in a foreign land with her dashing prince.  From ice queen to desert princess, everyday offers new adventures and challenges, how will she manage it all? 2014 Update: Cindy moved back in with her parents to finish some student teaching… by the end of these months she’ll be able to write the book on the long distance relationship. 2016 Update: Back in the land of sand and sun with her husband! Cindy is teaching and traveling, making the most of these adventurous years.

Sleeping Booty (Aurora):  a fantastic twenty-something woman returning to her roots to find her destiny.  With her past in front of her and her future uncertain, will she know where to turn or what to make of it? 2014 Update: World traveler on the loose. She’s left her parents and past behind to adventure Europe for 5 months, will she find what she is looking for? 2016 Update: After a trip of a lifetime she’s back in Utah living with some old friends; will she succumb to the pressure of the one year lease and endless career questions or will she burn brighter than ever before?

The Little Merskank (Ariel): an astonishing twenty-something woman who is still studying hard.  Between kicking ass at (Old) English life and taking names at graduate school will she ever find the time? 2014 Update: So many places to visit so little time! Living in England makes thesis writing more difficult than expected. 2016 Update: Ariel is teaching undergrads! Will they teach her more than she teaches them?

Snow Whore (Snow):  a magnificent twenty-something woman learning to walk the line between both new and old.  Starting out with a new name and new husband in a familiar place-what will tomorrow bring? 2014 Update: Career highs and lows, shouldn’t getting promoted be a good thing? 2016 Update: Applying for jobs is definitely where happiness goes to die, but she’ll come out so much happier on the other side! Right?


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